The flexibility of the raisedfloor and the beauty of nature. A game of joints and heights, modules and compositions. Floora invents a new mode of indoor greenery. The green of serenity, coherent logic, harmony and relaxation. A small oasis for every living space.

Floora is the flexible system of floor plants, interchangeable with the raised floor panels, which allows you to design customized green areas in indoor spaces. Easy to insert, Floora promotes an idea of contemporary and to all intents and purposes “green” living, offering the possibility to create your own composition by choosing among many indoor plants.







Modularity and flexibility

Floora is a system consisting of hydroponic plants, which can be inserted in place of any raised floor panel, allowing you to vary its location as you wish.

The simplicity of composition makes it possible to create green islands or green paths in just a few hours, choosing from plants of various types and heights, which can be used as decorative or dividing elements.

The advantages of
plants in the office

The effect of plants in the workplace has been scientifically studied many times.The conclusion is always the same: greenery works!

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