Installation and maintenance

The Floora system is a 600 x 600 mm module consisting of a composition of indoor plants cultivated in hydroponics, designed to fit into any type of raised floor.

Floora installation

Floora system is designed to be installed easily in just a few steps:

01. Remove the packaging gently, taking care not to damage the plants.

02. Locate an area of the raised floor exposed to light, but away from direct sunlight and sources of heat or cold air.

03. Lift the raised floor panel (horizontally) with a suction cup. Ensure that there are no disturbing elements for the bathtub (flush solution). In the case of the bathtub with a minimum height (9 cm), it is flush with the concrete.

04. Insert the Floora system, taking care not to move the plant and the clay too much.

05. Add water up to the indicator mark (float).

Installation instructions

A) Choose the placement, avoiding direct sunlight
B) Lift the panel with an appropriate suction cup
C) Insert the Floora module without brusque movements
D) Add water according to the level indicator
step 4 installazione Floora

Floora maintenance

01. Supervise the water indicator (the blobber) approximately every 10 days after irrigation. Avoid tap water when it is too calcareous.

02. When the indicator is at minimum level, the plant will need wetting. First check that there is no residual water in the float by removing the cap and then proceed with the irrigation.

03. Always pour the water in the centre of the planter, until you reach the central position of the float (first yellow line – OPT).

04. Between one wetting and the other make sure, through the indicator, that the plant has absorbed all the water.

05. Clean the leaves periodically and check that there is no dust in the surface as this may slow down the photosynthesis process.

06. It is advisable to carry out a very light fertilization, using a specific product for plants in hydroponics diluted in water (10 ml on 20 l of water) to make the water nutritive.

07. When cleaning the floor, take care not to let water, dust and detergents enter Floora system.

08. The room where Floora is installed must have a minimum temperature of 10° and a maximum of 35°. Recommended humidity of about 50-60%.